Monthly Archives: June 2012

On Vacation

had a great time at the herman family reunion. the weekend ended on a high note with smokehouse playing awesome dance music. we drove to lake michigan sunday night and the weather is awesome. we’ll have some great stories and photos when we get back.

Bent on the Bends

after a few searches online, i’m pretty sure that no one has bent the circuits on the little smart driver toy– at least they haven’t made a video about it, and benders usually do. so this is new ground, uncharted territory, the road not taken… you get the idea. the first weird noise i got on this thing sounded like a melting ice cream truck followed by a crazy glitch.

Little Smart Driver

ever since i started circuit bending, i always look for old electronic toys at garage sales and thrift stores. it’s been awhile since i saw something good, but today i found this at savers. here are some of the normal sounds it currently makes:
the start up
humpty dumpty song
blue triangle yellow circle
accelerate decelerate

I Bring Sand…

…to one particular ocean of videos that other gadgeteers have made before. what? you don’t believe me? search for drum machine t-shirt videos and you’ll see what i mean, but first check out my grain:

It Goes to 11

Gentlemen Start Your Drum Loopers

i’m not a rhythm robot, but i’m working on it. my drum looping t-shirt arrived yesterday (thanks glenn), and i’ve managed to layer beats on a couple of loops. i recorded this one when jenny was in another room. and yes, i know that one bass part is off. i recorded this other one after she went to the gym. it’s a little better. can’t get away from the chiptunes yet, i dig ‘em too much.

A Little Patience

the looping drum t-shirt that i ordered is sitting at the post office. it arrived in lenexa last night. it was dropped off at the local post office this morning. it’s scheduled to arrive at homer’s tomorrow sometime.

Drum Looping T-Shirt

i found this drum looping t-shirt on last night, and ordered it this morning. for $30 i’ll get 9 different drum kits, 7 pieces for each one, and an amp that goes to 11.

First Fridays #5

i took mondo beep back to first fridays again last night for the fifth time. it was 62 degrees and i met some new people. the sundogs came back and blasted out the acoustic buskers. i turned up my boomboxes and stuck around for another half hour. thanks to everyone who stopped and beeped along (josh, kristen, kristen’s friends, maddie, reggie). see you again in july!