Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sonic Muse

let’s be honest, marquee sign mistakes aren’t easy to find… sometimes you have to be deliberate. here’s what the other side of the sign looked like.

Happy With the LSAD

dan vogler picked up this little smart alphabet desk (LSAD) at a thrift store and i reimbursed him the two dollars he spent on it. took it apart this afternoon and was able to record this glitch. it will be a welcome addition to the mondo beep show next month… oh man… that’s less than two weeks away.

3 For the Road

last weekend chris and i visited our friend clay in arkansas. it’s been more than 20 years since all three of us lived a few blocks from each other. now the planets have to be aligned just for a weekend trip. we had a good time catching up, hiking in the woods, telling stories, watching movies, and playing music.

Three Minute Fiction

i submitted an entry for three minute fiction on NPR. in this series, writers are given a topic, and then write a story that’s 600 words or less. if i don’t win, there is a chance they will read an excerpt of it on the air, and if THAT doesn’t happen, i’ll just the post the story right here on the topic i had to write about was a president, real or imaginary. the fact that i thought of something before the deadline makes me feel pretty good.

Doctor Who Day

last saturday was doctor who day at vintage stock. jenny & i totally geeked out and had our picture taken in front of the tardis. when i posted that pic on facebook, it received over 40 likes in two days. i also picked up this keychain with sounds from doctor who.

The Sonic Jumble

a few years ago i was going to alter a promotional message on a sonic sign in the middle of the night. as i yanked the “g” out of “angus” a store manager yelled at me (why was she there so late?) and i chickened out. i still drive by the sign every day and wonder what else it could say if i moved the letters around, and last week i finally took this pic and just did it on my computer.

Role Model

jenny & i stayed overnight in lee’s summit recently to spend time with our godson, nicholas. he’s almost seven years old, and still wants to emulate goofy things that i do… like wearing a football helmet backwards.

Cooler Beeps

i did the mondo beep thing at first fridays again this month, this time in two locations: the usual spot and then with another artist at the base gallery. tim harte knew he was gonna be playing electronic beats for the exhibit, and asked me to join him ahead of time. it was a little after 7pm when i plugged in my gear and made sounds on the drum tee while tim did his thing.

The Geek Out

i’ve been watching the ricky gervais show on DVD and comedians in cars getting coffee online. the first show has been around for a couple of seasons, the second one is new. both shows have people talking about unimportant yet very relatable stuff. i can see myself geeking out on these shows already. speaking of geeking out… tomorrow night is first fridays at the crossroads again. in addition to playing in my usual spot, i’ll be joining tim harte after 7pm at the base gallery.