Monthly Archives: May 2024

Hey Diddle Diddle…

flying cowIt was a good night for a walk.  It was a BETTER night for gelato!  We walked around the neighborhood last night and found The Flying Cow– that’s when we went over the moon!  I had a Key Lime gelato and Jenny had Pistacchio.  Mine was so good I went back for Toasted Coconut… that’s when my double chin started to grow back.  This place also reminds me of the baby blanket that Mom made me where the dish ran away with the spoon.

The Swamp in Topeka

TOPEKA SWAMPIt looks just like it did on TV, right down to the dart board on the door.  I found out yesterday that there is a replica of The Swamp from M*A*S*H in Topeka!  The next time I’m in Topeka, I’m putting on my cowboy hat & bathrobe so I can feel at home at the Museum of the Kansas National Guard.  Until then I’ll just have to take a virtual tour while I sip some gin at home.  Big thanks to Jeff & Ryan, the hosts of MASH Matters for including this in their latest podcast!