Monthly Archives: December 2013

Between Awesome Holidays

monkeyhad an awesome christmas with family and friends. things are shaping up to be even more awesome for new year’s. this is a coffee mug that kristen gave me. i pretty much love any gift with a monkey or a robot.

Smokey and Me

me and smokeyme: aren’t you cold without a shirt on?
smokey: nah. but now that you mention it, i could use a cup of hot cocoa.

Mean Melin

mean_melinthis guy used to be a punk rock DJ across the street from my work, now he is following me on twitter. who is he? he is eric “mean” melin, the 2013 air guitar champion of the world. i should mention that i followed him first.


FBSFBS for beep sake is a channel that i started last week. jerry ponzer and i will be jamming live tomorrow morning on FBS from my living room starting around 9:30am. if you like old arcade sounds and electronic chaos then you won’t want to miss it… but if you do miss it, we’ll record it for you.

Streaming Live Mondo Beep

FBSit’s first friday. we’ve been doing mondo beep for two years now. however it’s waaaay too cold to do drag the gadgets out to the sidewalk. that’s why we’re going to ian’s house to stream the whole thing live tonight starting around 7:45 pm. we created a channel for this occasion and called it FBS for beep sake. you can click on the link now to sit through a 43 minute jam that jerry ponzer and i recorded yesterday (although the beeps don’t really start until you get 9 minutes in), then click on it again tonight for a live stream of mondo beep. oh, and viewers will be able to post comments as the show streams.

An Unhappy Business

pastornatean unhappy business was the title of my pastor’s sermon one sunday in november. in this sermon he talks about the truth of prophecy, the traditional church model, and changing times for christians. you can listen to it here. this is the same pastor that made a reference to doctor who in a sermon last may.