Monthly Archives: September 2011

Along Came a Spider

a couple of nights ago some friends came over to sit by the chimenea in our backyard. we had a good visit, ate smores, told stories… but the thing that made us all go WHOA was the spider in the garage. it was waiting for everyone to pass by at the end of the night. i didn’t kill it, but i did wreck his home.

Back for Seconds

jenny & i met in college 26 years ago. one of our first dates was at lake olathe with dav mohler and paula rueff. we all sat on some little bluffs overlooking the north side of the lake. i drew cartoons for jenny, while dav and paula drew pictures of us. it recently occurred to me that we hadn’t been back there since the 1980′s… so we returned and found the bluffs again. the trees are a little bigger, but it looks the same.

So Domestic

we scraped, sanded, and primed the south side of our house this weekend. if it doesn’t rain next weekend we’ll finish the job with a thick coat of paint. that’s what we do for excitement around here, sit back & watch the paint dry.

A Good Memory

when i teach CPR at the lenexa community center, i usually have a 30 minute window between classes to walk across the train tracks and get coffee and a pastry at a little shop in the old part of town. this always reminds me of high school and going across the tracks with friends to eat a hot lunch in the little building next to the junior high… and then i remember the year we abused that privilege with a food fight.

Emotive Theory

emotive theory is a music program that my nephew hosts on kjhk in lawrence, ks. here is a recording from the last show. how much do i love college radio? THIS MUCH (hands really far apart) especially when reggie is on it.

Wizards of What

danny williams dropped by the house late this morning. we jammed on the monotron, casio keyboard & drums, and electric guitar for awhile. once we scaled back (no monotron, no keyboards, simpler rhythm) we found something we liked. still not sure what it is though.

Late Night Shenanigans

my cell phone’s video capabilities are limited… but i’m glad they work.

C’mon Baby Light My Fire

this is the second saturday morning i wasn’t scheduled to teach a CPR class since july. it was a little cold inside the house when we woke up so i hooked up a ventless heater that mom and jim got us for emergencies (it runs on gas, no electricity is required). it’s the first time i hooked it up since we tested it last year. when the house didn’t blow up i knew everything was gonna be ok.

Danny on the Monotron

yesterday i let danny williams play the korg monotron through my acoustic amp. he took the ‘weird but cool’ factor to another level. thanks man. i love the fact that one person can sound like four. here is a minute and a half from yesterday’s freak out session.

The Doctor Is In

if you twist enough knobs on the korg monotron you start to hear something familiar. when i made this sound, it reminded me of every doctor who episode i’ve seen… which is not as many as you’d think