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The View From Devil’s Den

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What Can’t Spinach Do?

popeyespinach: it gave popeye super strength, i turned its leaves into keys that played the star wars theme, and NOW scientists are transforming it into human heart tissue! cue the popeye cartoon theme & imagine our hero punching brutus (the embodiment of heart disease) through a brick wall! there is more info about spinach and the human heart on

Cool Hand Beeps

handheldbeep goes the weasel was egg-cellent @ salon kitch last night! we played 50 eggs for a Cool Hand Luke tribute. the movie came out 50 years ago, and we watched the famous scene where paul newman eats 50 eggs in one hour. kitch was also celebrating his 10th anniversary in old overland park, and had his original artwork on display. here’s a little video i shot with josh, chris, and ian covering a jimi hendrix tune (ian’s singing!) while the kids are making unearthly noises on the eggs.

TV Doppelgänger

tv doppelgangersone day last week christy came to homer’s & asked me to go to the park with her and the kids. my shift was almost over so i said “sure!” i’ve known christy since she was a teenager, and now she’s married and a mother of two. i’m kinda like a dutch uncle with ben (her oldest). when christy showed me this picture of ben throwing rocks in the lake, i knew i’d seen this image before. the only things missing were fishing poles and a whistling tune.

Star Wars On Spinach

spinach stilllast thursday was may 4th & beep goes the weasel played the star wars theme on carrots and celery sticks. we didn’t record it, so i remedied that situation a few days later when i got a bag of spinach leaves from my neighbor, evelyn. i found out that they can also be used to play the 1977 movie theme song. the next big thing will be a week from friday, may 19th. that’s when we are going to play 50 hard boiled eggs for the cool hand luke tribute!

We Made The Carnival Go Beep!

bonus theremin video!

New Business (no wait…) BEEPness Cards!

frontnbacki’m headed to overland park elementary in six hours to do beep goes the weasel at the school’s annual carnival event. it just made sense to make business cards for the occasion. i used to steal other people’s cards from community bulletin boards, and pass them off as mine– but no one took me seriously. this business card thing is a work in progress… one day i hope to make cards that go beep.