Monthly Archives: February 2024

Scrollin’ Scrollin’ Scrollin’

evolution of the scrollbarThe internet was a weird and wacky place when we first found it.  Where did all these things come from?  Who was making it possible?  How did we get from the top to the bottom 43 years ago?  We scrolled!  The arrows were pointing the wrong way at first– but we still scrolled, doggone it!  If you want to relive the retro magic of scrolling in the early years just click here and scroll like there’s no tomorrow– only yesterday!

The Spillway

I always think of this scene from The Last Picture Show when I walk out onto the spillway at Lake Olathe.  Ben Johnson’s character reminisces about the past at a remote fishing tank, and I am reflective and nostalgic around a similar spot at the spillway.  spillway

Rainbow Donkey

rainbow donkeyThis donkey jumped out at me the first time I saw the painting on the side of a tattoo parlor on Rainbow Boulevard– not literally of course, that would be something that would happen in a movie.  It would probably look something like this: a donkey in a painting jumped out from his 2-dimensional existence onto rainbow boulevard and brayed at traffic until animal control materialized on the scene– they actually emerged from a nearby billboard where they had been figures on an advertisement.

The Kmart Time Portal

KmartSounds from the past met a sight from the past when I drove to an abandoned Kmart on State Ave. last weekend.  I found some cassettes that played inside Kmart stores when they were open in the 90′s, and drove north to see if I could find a time portal.  I parked the truck, popped the cassette, and heard Little River Band’s hit, ‘Take It Easy On Me,’ followed by an advertisement for specials in the auto department.  My eyes were closed and fingers were crossed, but I was still in 2024 *sigh*

If It Ain’t Broke…

FLAMMA…make it SOUND broken!  That’s what I did when I bought this $40 Flamma FC05 pedal for my guitar.  Last week I took some time off work to do “Dave” stuff & one thing I did was try all the settings on this pedal.  Chorus, flange, and phaser are 3 of the 11 effects.  When I found vibra, the guitar sounded like a cassette getting chewed up in a tape player, and that’s when I knew I was onto something cool.