Monthly Archives: February 2015

Eye Of The Storm

horse catmy life is not turbulent like a hurricane, but sometimes i need to be in a calm place. i was in that calm place today after hauling gear & produce to alex and nathan’s beeping birthday party this afternoon… and then angie emailed this image that she found on pinterest.

Tonight We Go Mondo @ IUAH

crowdback in the autumn months of 2014 i knew it was gonna get too cold to play outside in the crossroads before long, so i made arrangements to do mondo beep indoors at IUAH. tonight we’ll set up the the boombox, synthesizers, and electrified produce (provided by the culinary center), and see who plays. if you’ve never been part of a retro sounding space invasion, now is your chance!

Lone Horse Jam

yes horse no horsei finally got around to playing the moog theremini on camera. first like a normal person, then like a horse. everyone should try this at home. oh and here’s a link if the video below doesn’t work.

Beeping In Fort Scott

tom angie and melast friday we (jenny, angie, and me) loaded up the kia soul and drove to fort scott for beep goes the weasel. it was part of a relay for life event at common ground coffee. dav mohler asked if we could beep on vegetables during karaoke lulls. one of the weirder things we did was asking patrons to yell up yours! every time we sang the words take it easy, the old eagles tune. it was an obscure reference to starman. that’s tom geeding playing produce rhythm in the pic above.

The Culinary Center Goes Beep!

croppedfour days ago i got a call from laura laiben. she’s the main dish at the culinary center of kansas city, and yes that IS her job title! laura heard about beep goes the weasel on KCUR, and offered to supply fruits and vegetables for the project. i went over there an hour ago and picked up a bag of food, and business cards. it’s gonna feel really cool to say that our fruits and vegetables have been provided by the culinary center of kansas city. beep goes the weasel is playing at a relay for life benefit in ft. scott tonight @ 7pm.

Relay For Life @ Common Grounds

RELAYFORLIFEthis coming friday beep goes the weasel will be part of a relay for life event in ft. scott, ks. angie, matt, and i will play songs for folks as they beep on carrots and bananas. when we’re not beeping other people will be singing 80′s karaoke.

Sunday Morning Revealed

sunday morningmost sunday mornings look like this: me going over songs for the church service after printing lyric and chord sheets. my voice always has an early morning croak, our new cat wants more attention than i can give, and sometimes there is a new song that i will learn and play in the span of two hours. today’s song for the message is livin’ on a prayer.