Monthly Archives: August 2012

What Will They Think of Next

East Side of Town

last saturday i drove to international paper on clary blvd to teach a first aid class at 7am. on the way there i passed an old stone bar and went under a railroad bridge that looked frozen in time.

Soul and Bluetooth

jenny & i purchased a kia soul two saturdays ago and i just figured out how to operate the bluetooth feature. i spoke to the car, and for the first time it talked back. i felt like george jetson or michael knight.

Synth Incident

danny williams came over tuesday morning for the first time since the reagan administration (ok, maybe not THAT long ago), and showed me the way of the synth. in the past i have shied away from midi keyboards that only work through a computer, but this was an amazing experience. when danny played this thing, he made it sound like a really good movie score. when it was my turn, i made it sound like pong.


telstar was a communications satellite launched over 50 years ago. it was also a hit in 1962 for the tornados, a british band. i figured out the chords a few weeks ago and recorded this.

Toy Drum Combo

it’s a challenge to get the drum shirt synced just right so no one can tell the beginning of the loop from the end, but i am making progress. here’s something i recorded a couple of days ago using the speak and math for an intro and outro.

Got My Mojo Workin’

Day and Night

by day i’m a mild mannered CPR instructor teaching people to push on chests and blow in mouths. by night i’m a sound experimentalist putting gadgets in pedestrian’s hands and showing them how to beep.

Time to Beep Again

the mondo beep show is returning to first fridays tonight. new gear includes a mini mixer that allows 8 people (or one octopus) to play at the same time! i’ll set up around 5:45pm at the usual spot: on the sidewalk of 18th street between wyandotte and baltimore.


dear readers (all 3 of you), i haven’t forgotten how to blog. it’s just been a little uncomfortable to sit at the computer since the accident. i went to the doctor last week and got some pain medicine for my bruised ribs. i have also been teaching more CPR classes than usual, and preparing for tomorrow night’s first friday show (i’ll try to post more on that before the actual event).