Monthly Archives: December 2011

Pixel Skills

i found a website where you can make and save pixel art. after the first try i realized that i had rethink and simplify the images in my head: i couldn’t draw them like i usually do– they had to look like stick people before they could evolve into¬† something that resembled an 80′s video game character.

New Children of the Revolution

neon indian is a band i rediscovered while checking out noise maker gadgets on i had heard them before, but didn’t realize how hard they lean on retro futuristic sounds. so far they are the only band that can cover a t. rex song, and make it sound like THEY wrote it.

Christmas Surprise at Rich Hill

on our way back home from my sister’s house we stopped at rich hill to gas up & get coffee. as i was topping off the tank i heard someone say “aren’t you a little early for the black reunion?” it was my cousin nick. he was traveling south with his sister and nephew (above). we visited inside the gas station and swapped numbers before wishing each other a merry christmas. the world is smaller than you think.

O Christmas Tree

we took our tree out of the box and put it up last night while wrapping presents and listening to reggae christmas music.

Dad’s Knife

just got off the phone with my dad. he told me about an outdoor project he’s in the middle of that involves some woodwork. he still has an axe that he & i used to chop firewood. i told him i still have his knife that he used to clean fish.

More Cowbell

ok, i confess, this post has nothing to do with will ferrell, blue oyster cult, or christopher walken… i just wrote cowbell to get your attention, but i did post more bent tones which may have the same effect. hey, you got my number.

Repurposed, Reborn…

i’ve made alot of blog entries about circuit bending. this one is going to highlight the latest use for this strange hobby. recently i recorded the sounds that came from the speak & math that i successfully “bent” by altering pitch control, looping, and glitching. it occurred to me that some of my friends might want to download these sounds and use them for ringtones or other purposes. so now there’s a new page on this blog called mondo beep (formerly cell bent). as i record new sounds from old toys, i’ll post them for others to download. and if it’s something that takes off, maybe i can make a few bucks so this blog can support itself.

Puttin’ On The Dog

hung out with the mulls and firestones last night for chris’ birthday. originally we were going to squeeze in two social gatherings, but our midnight oil ran out early apologies to the voglers. the evening took a surreal turn when chlo√© made wigs for the dogs.

Solve It

kyle patnode, this one’s for you. solve it.

The Good Glitch

finally mounted two fixtures on the circuit bent speak & math that resulted in body contact glitches. i had to share that accomplishment with ray rennock at thunderball. in return he showed me his latest pinball games, a velvet pink panther (pic above), and the godfather of exotica music. all in a day’s work.