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Retro Video Game Bash! Aug 2014

IMG_20140828_193015two nights ago a handful of us went back in time @ homer’s, back to a time when names like nintendo, sega, and atari didn’t sound retro. we made a 90′s and 80′s playlist on spotify and played golden eye, mario kart, defender, pong, asteroids, missile command, and other games i can’t remember. there were prizes for the high scores, and consolations for low ones.

Into The Future

grunauer…according to steve miller that’s where time keeps on slippin’ slippin’ slippin’. when i ask myself “where did the time go?” he always has that trippy answer. well, beep goes the weasel is the art project i’ve been doing at the drive in this summer, and as fall approaches we’ll be part of a monthly electronic music series at grĂ¼nauer (pictured above). oh, and my best friend’s mom asked if we could play at a nursing home in olathe. tick tock tick.

Jeep Coffee

this video was long overdue. earlier this summer jerry ponzer found this old coffee maker and gave it me ’cause he didn’t want to risk an electrical fire. i basically made coffee with this thing on a dare. it had a plastic aftertaste, but so did everything else in 1970s. if the player above doesn’t work click here.

Two Mediums in Two Days

KSHB and KCURbeep goes the weasel has attracted ALOT of attention in the last couple of days. thursday (aug 14) joel nichols and michelle davidson, hosts of KC Live, played vegetables live in the studio. friday (aug 15) maria carter reported this story on KCUR, and september 28 we’ll be part of a happy hour series at grunauer. beep goes the weasel returns to the boulevard tonight and next saturday night (aug 23) around 8:30pm!

We Beeped on Live TV!

*support for this work is provided by a rocket grants project award, a program of the charlotte street foundation and the university of kansas spencer museum of art. funding is provided by the andy warhol foundation for the visual arts.

Coming To An NBC Affiliate Near Us

courtesy planetsthe planets are aligned, the writing is on the wall, dogs and cats are living together in mass hysteria and beep goes the weasel is going to be on TV! KSHB’s Kansas City Live airs weekday mornings @ 10am, and this thursday (8/14) they asked us to join them live in the studio!

Who’s That Girl?

lysette anthonyi’m currently reading marc tyler nobleman’s blog, noblemania. this blogger came up with a great idea of finding and interviewing women who were in some recognizable 80′s music videos: signy coleman from huey lewis’ heart and soul video, wish foley from tom petty’s don’t come around here no more, and lysette anthony (above) from brian adams’ summer of ’69. you can also hear nobleman being interviewed (about 20 minutes in) on the latest stuck in the 80′s podcast!

Wonder Twin Powers Reactivate!

crystal2i set up mondo beep @ the pop up art gallery last night for first fridays. jerry ponzer set up a table with keyboards and controllers next to mine. we greeted curious onlookers and explained our individual projects. some of the gallery visitors stayed and jammed with us. it’s been a long time since jerry and i have plugged in something electric just to hear it howl. crystal (that’s her in the pic) even joined in and played hitchcock-ian psycho riffs.