Monthly Archives: January 2021

Pong Lives!

shaved pongPong is back. The earliest digital home video game has now “evolved” into an analog horizontal experience. How did this happen? Somebody could see into the future and the past. Somebody beckoned the spirit of this classic game. Somebody stood at the cave where Pong had gone to die and summoned it forth like Lazarus. Now the game is back in the living room with motors, rails, pulleys, and magnets. The score display is also as clock when no one is playing. It’s also a coffee table, USB charging station, and a bluetooth speaker!

His Own Pop Culture Pilgrimage

bagmanThis is my friend, David. His wife Kris sent texted me this photo after they went to Pop Culture based on my recommendation. I told him that I had an out of body experience from eating their sea green coconut popcorn– and I mean that in good way! We’re gonna miss David and Kris. His work is taking them to Minneapolis. I hope they have good popcorn there! In the meantime I’m going to keep trying all the different flavors on that menu board behind David. So far I’ve had the sea green coconut and the green apple… I honestly can’t tell you which one I like better because they are both so good!

We Used To Read To Re-Live

major-motion-600x973I was listening to 99 Percent Invisible while doing dishes. They were re-playing a show about novelizations. That’s a book version of a movie. It’s the publisher’s goal to get the book out before the movie. This used to be the only way a fan could re-live the movie right after watching it at a theater. Before VHS, DVD’s, and streaming online we had to wait for a TV version– and that could take years. It reminded me that I bought a paperback version of The Empire Strikes Back when I was a teenager. 220px-Episodev_empirestrikesback

Silent Night On New Year’s Eve

OPLCbellcontrolWe knew where the controls were, and it would have been so cool to hear a bell ring at midnight. Jenny wanted to ring our church bell last night to bring in 2021 but we were stymied. It didn’t help that there were two police SUV’s in the church parking lot. Jenny said “I feel like we look suspicious,” and I said “only if we act suspicious– keep walking!” We went in the church and found a cabinet with the electrical system hasn’t been used for 15 or 20 years. That’s when the neighbors complained about the bell. I flipped every switch and turned every dial, but we still rolled snake eyes. Then we walked back home and the new year came anyway.