Gimme Shelter While I Shelter In Place

meandglennGlenn Shipps wrote a beautiful song called Shelter In Place, and invited all of his musician friends to add something to it. I’m fortunate to be inside of this circle and sent him a harmonica track. Here’s a little bit of what that sounds like. This photo was taken a few years ago at a club house where Glenn & I jammed with Matt Hawkins, Dan Vogler, and his daughter Griffin.

6 Responses to Gimme Shelter While I Shelter In Place

  1. That will definitely bring smiles and laughter to ones self. What a great family pastime and memories for the kids.

  2. Fun times. Was each one featured like you?

    • Mom, I don’t know who else has submitted a part. After Glenn sent me his track, I sent him mine. That little music sample is just something that I put together.

  3. Reminds me of the Friday or Saturday nights I spent at Binger jamming with friends. I don’t think you were there.We did bluegrass, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams. You were considered too young for that at the time.

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