Phone Call From Hoovie

anthonymichaelhallanswersphoneincarWhen Hoovie called a couple of nights ago I didn’t know it was him. Sometimes my phone ID’s him as “Private Number,” and I don’t pick up. When that same technology displays a voicemail icon, I know my smartphone is trying to win me back, and atone for its error. Here’s Hoovie’s message.

3 Responses to Phone Call From Hoovie

  1. Friends are a treasure. Hoovie sounds good.

  2. I think this guy is cool, I mean with a name given to him in highschool from a good friend…..”Hoovie”has stuck with him his entire life…..enough said, (” as the mic is dropped on stage and Hoovie exits stage right, this was his only talent performed at the virtual talent show MANY years after graduation, mumbling under his breath…I’ll be back…)

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