Frozen In Time

frozenintimeFrozen in Time was the name of a geocache that we looked for yesterday. Jenny, me, Warren, and Andrew drove to DeSoto looking for this abandoned house that has a large geocache nearby. Warren parked his jeep by a railroad crossing and we walked on the tracks until we were 100 feet away from the house. There was a creek to cross and a lot of undergrowth to bushwhack through (the picture above was taken in February by another geocacher), so we agreed to come back another time and picked up 20 rail spikes on our way back to the jeep. It felt like we were in the movie Stand By Me.frozenintime2

6 Responses to Frozen In Time

  1. I’ll bet you thoroughly enjoyed the day out. Next time take the machete with you. But watch out for the snakes in the creek and abandoned house.
    Yes, I got my post about the kids on the wrong post.

    • haha Mom, we were more concerned with poison ivy and ticks! When I read your snake warning, I told ChloĆ© about the time Darla and I killed that snake in the basement of our big house. You and Dad were leaving for work & didn’t know about it until later.

  2. I remember that. You didn’t tell me till later. You had a habit of not telling me until later, like when you sneaked out of the house late at night and went driving around, then sneaked back in! I think I heard about that one 6 months later.

  3. I just made a comment on you “Good Tuesday morning” post. You can read it now or later!

  4. She’ll read it later.

  5. I meant to say he’ll read it later.

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