Good Tuesday Morning

Chris-in-the-MorningGood morning. If there was a camera in the walls it wouldn’t capture this exact image– but it would be something similar… me reading something, a cup of reheated coffee, and a microphone nearby. The vinyl record collection is actually in the other room with my Atari games. *Yawn* Ok. time to go to work.

4 Responses to Good Tuesday Morning

  1. Looks just like my son. What are you reading now?

    • the bible… and sometimes I’ll work on a crossword to see if my brain is awake. It’s safer than electrodes on the temples. That’s how I stayed awake one night when I crammed for an exam in college. I probably shouldn’t have told you that.

  2. I relate

  3. What? You did what? Real electrodes? What exactly are we talking about here? Just finished reading a more resent post about you telling me about tricks you played much later than when you played them. Probably out of fear about getting into trouble. This one takes the cake. What’s this time line, 35 years?

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