thegraduateinagasmaskShe came, she saw– she put her gas mask on! This is how my niece, Sara, graduated from high school last week. The school officials decided that it should be a “drive by” ceremony. Jenny & I couldn’t attend so our family took lots of pictures to mark the occasion. Not every high school graduate can claim that their class is historic, but Sara can! Congratulations kiddo!

3 Responses to #classofcovid

  1. Maybe you’ll be able to come to the “possible” graduation at Junge Stadium on June 28th. I had a good time and Sara made a good impression on radio & TV reporters.

    • I hope so Mom! We actually zoomed with Darla, Steve, and all 3 girls last night at 7:30! they seem to be in good spirits!

  2. I texted Sara and said we hope to see her soon.

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