Chimenea Night

chimeneastillSnap… crackle… pop… is not just a cereal with delayed sound effects. Last night I sat in front of our chimenea while Jenny was in a Zoom meeting. My apologies for the lack of definition in this photo. I didn’t realize that you can barely see me. I guess I just wanted to lose myself in this moment and become one with the night and the fire.

2 Responses to Chimenea Night

  1. Did you become one or just share your thoughts with the night and the fire? Sometimes it nice to lose yourself alone with non verbal company.
    Looking forward to this B.D. weekend.

  2. When it cools off a little I’ll try that with my 55 gallon split-down-the-middle drum chimenea. It was 95 yesterday. A cool front came in last night to cool it down to probably 87 today. But my thermometer on the front porch read 103, so I just watered the garden ’til about 9.

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