My Neighbor’s Son’s Book

barbsbensBOOKMy neighbor Barb showed me her son’s book last Thursday night. It’s a dissertation he wrote and submitted to Stanford. When I asked if she’d read it she shook her head and said “are you kidding?” Barb introduced me to her son, Ben, years ago when he was down for a visit. They both came to see me play vegetables at Salon Kitch one Friday night. Ben seemed like a normal guy with normal intellect, but someone who can write a book like this is thinking on a different plane. I would have more luck working a Sunday New York Times Crossword puzzle than I would digesting whole sentences in this book.

2 Responses to My Neighbor’s Son’s Book

  1. Oh my goodness, I can’t even understand the title. So did he make it into Stanford? Whatever I’m sure Barb is proud of her son as all mothers are. We know them for the little boy they are and the greatness deep inside them.

  2. I think he did, Mom. Barb also showed me a youtube video of one of his classes that he was teaching, and it’s way over my head, but you can tell he’s really into the subject matter. She doesn’t understand him, but I’m pretty sure she’s proud of him. And thank for your loving & encouraging words!

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