If You Talk In Your Sleep…

FTD-Elvis-Murfreesboro-74-b-“…don’t mention my name.” Consider it a request from the King. I totally forgot about this song until I heard it Sunday afternoon. I love the fact that some radio stations replay old American Top 40 countdowns. This one was from 1974. Casey said that this song was Elvis’ 96th song to hit the charts. Just in case you forgot how it goes, here’s the actual song in all it’s 70′s glory.

2 Responses to If You Talk In Your Sleep…

  1. Couldn’t remember that song until I heard it. Don’t like the words. It has cowardly lyrics. I don’t think of Elvis as a coward. Mighty good looking but not cowardly. Well what do i know? Sure like the play list.

  2. That was near the end of his illustrious career and the beginning of my 45plus illustrious teaching-subbing-jack-of-all trades career.

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