She’s Braver Than I Am

batgirlShe’s my monkey woman, my bat girl, she’s my wife who can hang upside down by her knees. I never tried this as a kid. I was too paranoid of falling on my head. Too afraid of gravity. If only I had gone to the circus, got some sawdust in my hair, seen a horse jump through a ring of fire… maybe then I could have met an old trapeze artist who would have told me that falling feels like flying until you hit the ground… or the safety net– whichever comes first.

4 Responses to She’s Braver Than I Am

  1. Look at our Super Woman! You go Jenny! You know I spent a lot of time on the monkey bars when I was a kid. Could do all kinds of things, but now I get dizzy bending over to pick green beans. Blood rushes to my head and everything turns black. No more monkey bars for me and I’ve switched to pole beans.

  2. Just make sure, if you try something like that, you check the ground under the monkey bars and wear gloves.

  3. That reminds me :why does Jenny have a glove on only one hand?

  4. sorry -it’s only the sunlight. From afar, it looked like a white glove.

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