Your Number Used To Be A Name

matchbookcombofound an old matchbook cover with a phone number on the spine that young folks today might find confusing because it only has 5 numbers on it. phone numbers with names at the beginning were gone by the time i learned how to make calls. i still knew about the old system because of black and white movies like call northside 777 and songs like beechwood 4-5789. it feels like i’ve already made a post about this topic. i’m sensing some deja vu, but what else is new? just did a search on the site & didn’t find anything. oh well.

2 Responses to Your Number Used To Be A Name

  1. I think my old phone number when i was a ki began with Belmont something.

  2. Edgewood 7306. Jim’s # was Sullivan 24F11. it was a farm #. to make a call he rang central with a crank, when operator answered, he gave her the # he wanted. he remembers he got caught playing on the phone and got a bad beating with a weeping willow switch. never did that again!

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