Hold On Loosely

big brutusi bought my big brutus travel mug so long ago they don’t even sell it any more at the little gift shop in west mineral. sometimes it goes missing, and i wonder if it has a mind of its own & it’s trying to get back home. i can’t count all the times i’ve forgotten where i put it. i should have lost this thing years ago. one day i left it at the coffeehouse, and a customer brought it up to the register and said “look at this cool travel mug i found!” you could see the disappointment in his face when i said “i knew it had to be around here somewhere, sorry bud, that’s mine.”

One Response to Hold On Loosely

  1. I lose a lot more practical stiff, like timex indiglos. The last one was bought at la posta on I think our 29th for $17 i want to say.

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