Where Sam & Robert Know Our Names

cheersjenny & i got married 30 years ago today. last night we went to the hotel where we stayed our first night as a married couple. a lot of things have changed downtown since then. the italian gardens restaurant is gone, and the sheraton is now the aladdin hotel. we went upstairs to a little bar & met robert and sam. robert was our bartender, and sam was just a friendly guy on our side of the bar. that downtown hotel is still a cool place to check in.

4 Responses to Where Sam & Robert Know Our Names

  1. How sweet. You two deserve those sweet memories. Savor and enjoy them.

  2. Happy Anniversary to two very special people :)

  3. I remember I had the truck packed and loaded and we (me, Herm and Steve) packed the swinger aftter we got back to Chetopa and left the same night for Altus.

  4. 30 years, how did that happen? we are so thankful for both of you. God has blessed you greatly.

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