What The What?

shockedmonday i posted a picture of bill murray on my blog & facebook page. it was a screen shot of him from “the razor’s edge.” i casually asked if anyone could name the movie because i only expected my film nerd friends to know the answer. i was shocked and giddy when i saw¬†steve spears‘ comment:FB spears commentspears has hosted my favorite podcast, stuck in the 80′s, for the last 12 years. during most of that time i’ve listened to him share stories & talk to huey lewis, cyndi lauper, molly ringwald, and 3 of the original MTV veejays. swapping comments with him on facebook was super mega awesome, and if that makes me sound like a fanboy… so be it. spearsy, if you’re reading this, don’t blush– just bask & keep on doing what you’re doing. SIDENOTE: i don’t want all of this attention i’m giving steve spears to diminish all of the social media interaction i’ve had w/co-host brad williams– brad is awesome & always answers my emails, comments, and messages… steve just seems so much more reclusive so i had to gush when he left a comment on my facebook page!

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