A Little Under The Weather

where-the-buffalo-roammy throat started feeling a little sore yesterday. waking up at 4:20 this morning was a MAJOR accomplishment. fortunately there was a constant onslaught of customers to deal with. one of them chatted with my co-worker as i stood at the register. after awhile he said “oh i’m sorry, you’ve been waiting patiently for me to order haven’t you?” i responded, “i’m just waiting for the sweet release of death.” if we had any weather to be under that’s where i would be.

4 Responses to A Little Under The Weather

  1. oh no I’m sorry, wish I could do something for you except feel sorry. Jimbo gives his usual prescription, “you’ll feel better when you quit hurting” :(

    • thanks mom, thanks jim! i’m actually feeling much better today. no aches & my throat is practically pain free.

  2. dad gum it, Jim was right again.

  3. Don’t ever get shingles. I think i told you about that. Still getting over them. S’posed to see the doc Fri.

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