My Chungking V And Others

chungVMaybe it’s a phase I’m going through, maybe it’s a revelation: I love V-neck tees. I especially love ones with weirdly singular retro designs like this souvenir shirt from an Asian restaurant that may or may not exist. No eating establishment sells t-shirts like this anymore! That’s why I had to have one! This is only one of 4 t-shirts that I bought recently. Another one has the AM/FM dial that I wrote about last week, and then two more were mailed to Hoovie’s house yesterday. I’m waiting to hear his response. Operators are standing by. As soon as I know, you will too.

2 Responses to My Chungking V And Others

  1. I’ll look for a V neck T-shirt (but not very hard) that has a picture of Morris the cat saying “It’s hard to be a trendsetter “

  2. Most excellent shirts received and photos sent, Im like you, I LOVE T SHIRTS, mostly because of what they say, not the prints words on them, the statements they envoke. You can be anybody you want in a T shirt depending on color and decal the shirt holds.

    Thanks for the Two T-shirts that express rock and roll heart I have and the inner old school gammer!!

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