The Sea Green Coconut Pops!

coconutpopcornIt was like a carnival on a beach where aliens landed… I could hear a wheezy accordion… I could taste the salty air… I could even see a green haze on the horizon that looked like it was from another world! That’s what each kernel of this glazed coconut popcorn tasted like. There is a wide array of flavors on the wall at Pop Culture where we bought two little bags of popcorn, and I intend on going back to try each one. This popcorn isn’t something you can live on, but it’s something you can live for!

2 Responses to The Sea Green Coconut Pops!

  1. Hmm, sounds like a good Christmas gift. Hint hint! ;)

  2. I’m not a popcorn nut, but don’t tell Abby there’s such a flavor or she’ll not let me rest until she gets a bag to try . Our pantry is well -stocked already with popcorn .I’m gonna look like the Grinch did after he was stuffed with popcorn and stuff at his grand cheermeister festival.

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