Tuned In To The V-Neck

radioteeThe tuner on my new V-Neck t-shirt can’t pull in any stations, but that familiar sight can take me back to another time. I can still hear that DJ in Oklahoma who sounded like Wolfman Jack but he called himself The Boogie Man. His show started out with a chorus of women chanting “Boogie Man, Boogie Man, oooh! aahhh!” ¬†When our TV stopped working, my little sister and I discovered¬† CBS Radio Mystery Theater and listened to stories like The White Wolf. In that story a stepmother turned into a wolf and killed all of her husband’s children except for one, and that poor kid was telling the story as the wolf was panting outside his window. Yep, there’s a lot of memories in those frequencies and megahertz.

2 Responses to Tuned In To The V-Neck

  1. Ha ha ha, and you introduced your little sister to that kind of scary stuff?
    Is this the same big brother that was afraid of his clown nite light in California?

  2. very cool

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