Breathe It In

INHAILERThere’s an online station that is an easy “go to” when I want to hear music that is soothing yet weird, funky yet nerdy, retro yet futuristic… I’m talking about Inhailer Radio. I haven’t heard a station like this since WOXY.¬†Oddly enough I discovered it when a former WOXY DJ made a post on social media about it. Inhailer Radio makes me want to inhale… exhale… and then inhale again. You will be hard pressed to find another radio station¬†that plays bands like:
This Is The Kit
Illuminati hotties
The Replacements
Red Rum Club
Ghost of Vroom

I only wish I could play it in my truck.

3 Responses to Breathe It In

  1. I ‘d be doing good just to remember to buy pads for the humidifie, so we could breathe at night. :)

  2. I second the recommendation, interesting channel

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