Do You See What I Saw?

croppedsneermanRecently I started drawing faces that I see in my formica table. Herb and Mo Neck were the first two and they were easy to spot (I think). They even had little fictional histories. The third one that I’m posting is more of a challenge. I saw the Chainless Monocled Sneer Man With a Comb Over a few weeks ago when I looked at the table below…formica for sneering…but now I can’t remember where he was… it’s as if he slipped back into a crowd of circus freaks, and every time I think I see his mouth or his eye it’s a different part of somebody else’s grotesque anatomy. If you see him on my table let me know… and if you see him on your table tell him to come back home.

2 Responses to Do You See What I Saw?

  1. I couldn’t

  2. I couldn’t find it, son, even after I texted you.

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