Faces In Formica: Mo Neck

TILTED#2 in the Faces in Formica series features Mo Neck or Stretch Pomp or any other name that emphasizes elongation. For this one I imagined a guy on a high school basketball team. The team is on a losing streak. This guy has just flung the ball at the basket from the other end of the court. The buzzer goes off while the ball is in the air. He doesn’t even come close to making the goal. Fans groan and someone takes a picture of him staring in disbelief at the missed shot.

3 Responses to Faces In Formica: Mo Neck

  1. I keep staring but still can’t see it. But you probably couldn’t see my faces in the linoleum either. Just for fun I’ll try to show you one I keep seeing, but not here!

  2. I see it. It reminds me of when you kids would make figures out of clouds. The two dots in the middle are his eyes and the big dot below them is his open mouth.

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