Attracted And Repelled

beatlelipsI was scrolling through instagram when I saw this post from from the retro pic people at gotweird. This yellowed image was originally printed in 16, a fan magazine for teenagers. Half of the people that commented on instagram said they would gladly kiss that poster from 1965. The other half couldn’t pony up the cash, and got sick at the thought of kissing “lips” on a germ infested smartphone.

4 Responses to Attracted And Repelled

  1. The whole idea is yucky to me.

  2. To begin with, Abby hates the Beatles and I would be committing suicide with this covid thing going on.

  3. I must be sounding like a real grinch, son. If anybody tries to put fun in life, it’s you.I remember you joking and laughing about your elbow when you broke it in Lookeba, but your tune changed when they stretched it out, and you tried to forget it just as quick as it happened. You should have a doctor-wait-maybe not. Just keep on being you. God bless and keep you and Jenny.

    • thanks Dad! Boy, I don’t remember laughing and joking about my elbow. I just remember thinking “it’s not broken… I’ll be ok.” Thanks for the eye witness account!

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