Better Than A Blue Light Special

livemusicattassosWe almost couldn’t believe it. He was there in person, and he was playing live music behind a plexiglass. Bill Gladden has been playing at Tasso’s for 25 years now. The chances of seeing someone– heck, seeing ANYONE play live these days is slim to none. Tasso’s re-opened after Covid-related renovations. We doubled with Don and Jennifer recently, and went there for dessert and live music. Don was putting some money in the tip jar as Bill was playing Us And Them. That’s a Pink Floyd track I have never heard anyone cover. Tasso’s is also the place to break plates and yell “OPA!” Yeah, we did that too.

5 Responses to Better Than A Blue Light Special

  1. Glad you had fun. Looks like a cool place. Of course blue is always cool.

  2. Just don’t throw the plates at anyone and keep an eye out for plates coming you or Jenny’s way. By the way, I listened but didn’t hear the plates at the end.

    • Dad, what did you listen to? The Pink Floyd song? if you look at the blue picture, there ARE broken plate bits along the base of the booth where the checkered tile ends. Jenny actually threw her plate down so hard that a couple of shards bounced up on the table on the left side of the picture.

  3. That’s what I get for not using my(right) hearing aid (which hardly ever works) before replying. Right turn, Clyde.

  4. By the way, my glasses don’t work ( not to menion my mind), either.

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