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Nevermind The Turbulence

Screenshot_20190813-214330 “Koochie koochie koo! There’s my favorite frequent tiny flyer! Do you need more brandy in your formula Mr. Snookums? I’ll be right back to empty your ashtray!” The good folks at weird vintage everyday have unearthed another gem that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase rock a bye baby.

Australia 1975

collarsandshortsSometimes checking social media is like turning knobs and pushing buttons on a time travel machine. Destination: Australia 1975! What’s with all the wrong combinations? Short sleeve shirts & ties? Ties & shorts? Shorts with socks pulled up to the knees? Well, actually I remember doing that from time to time. weird vintage everyday puts amazing old photos like this on Instagram. Imagine the kind of story you could make up about these two businessmen! I can see them being door to door salesmen, because if they worked behind a retail counter, we’d never see those walk socks!