Australia 1975

collarsandshortsSometimes checking social media is like turning knobs and pushing buttons on a time travel machine. Destination: Australia 1975! What’s with all the wrong combinations? Short sleeve shirts & ties? Ties & shorts? Shorts with socks pulled up to the knees? Well, actually I remember doing that from time to time. weird vintage everyday puts amazing old photos like this on Instagram. Imagine the kind of story you could make up about these two businessmen! I can see them being door to door salesmen, because if they worked behind a retail counter, we’d never see those walk socks!

3 Responses to Australia 1975

  1. Amazing what’s cool today, we smile at tomorrow, and in 20 or 30 years we’ll be cool again. Hopefully, some things we’ll never have to see again as long as we live like baggy pants to the knees. Should be outlawed unless they carry a sign that says “forgive me, I’m STUPID”

  2. i agree with you on those baggy pants that practically drag the ground. i never understood what was “cool” about that.

  3. Introducing Donk and Wally, the newest members of our New South Wales dream team. As you can see they are dressed for success and chomping at the bit to show you the latest line of grease trap and sewage line clean out accessories. Good-on-ya lads and keep your hoses clean!

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