Nevermind The Turbulence

Screenshot_20190813-214330 “Koochie koochie koo! There’s my favorite frequent tiny flyer! Do you need more brandy in your formula Mr. Snookums? I’ll be right back to empty your ashtray!” The good folks at weird vintage everyday have unearthed another gem that gives a whole new meaning to the phrase rock a bye baby.

5 Responses to Nevermind The Turbulence

  1. That’s pretty neat, but today, I think folks would mistake that cradle for baggage and stpw it on top.

  2. Stewardess: ‘I think we’ve got at least an hour before the hard stuff sloshes out. However, the air sickness bag has a chin strap and can be worn as protective headgear as this woman has been kind enough to model for us.”

  3. I never saw anything like that but my first flight was when Nana and you and I came back here when you were about 2.

  4. I’ll never forget those famous words: “l’m not aflaid to fry!

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