In His Natural Habitat

hooveinvaderHoovie got his t-shirts in the mail! He was so excited he put them both on and started playing video games! I’m glad Rachell had a camera nearby when he went into action. It’s sort of like Marlin Perkins filming a cheetah when it chases down its prey! Here you see the predator lulling his victims into a false sense of security by disguising himself as one of them (a space invader) before blasting the entire horde into oblivion. hoovemetal…and here is the mighty hunter displaying his other outer t-shirt as he gets ready to face another day. Rock on Sir Hoovie! ilovemy80smetal

6 Responses to In His Natural Habitat

  1. Bitc*in’ vibes coming from that game….Most Excellent T’s Too !!!

  2. Bitc*n’ vibes coming from that game….Most Excellent T’s Too !!!

  3. Hoovey looks the same. I miss it when you all use to get together here.
    I only respond with OK when I don’t have a comment but I want you to know I’m checking you out!

  4. Understood and…….understood….thanks

  5. I miss getting together as well

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