Gotta Be Some Common Ground

Jenny and I heard this song on a Sunday drive and loved it. It’s upbeat and it has a good message. Anytime someone writes a song that brings people together so they can put aside their differences, I’m in. The first song I remember hearing on the radio like that was probably Everyday People by Sly and the Family Stone. This one is called East Side West Side by The Mammals.

4 Responses to Gotta Be Some Common Ground

  1. Hey, how about the southwest side? I guess you’d need a different time signature, rhythm and melody. Anyway, If you’re in son, so are we (the humans that are left in El Paso ).:)

    • I hadn’t thought about a SW side, Dad! I’m just now reading the comments because my earthlink email went away, and that’s how I used to be notified when you or Mom posted a comment. Glad you and Abby are two of the humans left in El Paso. Stay safe!

  2. After I listened to east side, west side which I liked, a couple more songs came up by the Mammals. What a great group. Ashokan Farewell is absolutely heavenly to listen to. When my story comes to an end, gives you much to think about.

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