19th Century Gasoline

modelTatagasstationJenny and I filled up her┬áKia Soul for 95 cents last Sunday. Gas hasn’t been that cheap since Model T’s shared the streets with horse drawn carriages and Henry Ford was a household name! I took a picture of the gas pump to prove it really happened…elevencentGASIf you’re wondering how we went back in time to pay eleven cents a gallon, it was by way of our Chopper Shopper card from Price Chopper. We saved up enough points from our grocery purchases to knock $1.54 off the $1.65 price. We actually pumped 8 gallons into that gas tank for a whopping total of 95 cents. I wanted to keep driving, but I was afraid we might go deeper into a time portal. Being so far west into the Kansas Territory we might have been caught between the U.S. Cavalry and a warring tribe of Native Americans.

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  1. When we lived in OK. I remember paying .74 per gal. Somehow that really made an impression on my memory thinking how were we going to be able to do anything. Little did I know I would think that a gas price of today ($1.76) would be considered cheap!

    • Mom, the first thing I thought of when I made this post was how cheap you used to tell me gas was when you were a teenager. $0.25 a gallon is what I remember you telling me. I remember you said that if you had a quarter and three of your girlfriends had a quarter you could put 4 gallons in a gas tank and cruise around.

  2. flatlands man…

  3. Im going to say in reading ALOT of your post. Your stories are similar to alot of mine, but I dont have the foresight or depth in writings like you have. Your a very talented man my friend, thank you for sharing the sometimes odd yet well thought through mems.

  4. You are absolutely right.

  5. This potential streaking in your dreams thing,…..this , this warrants professional attention, you understand, … convenient stores should stock underwear and socks…..

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