Time To Reach Out Again

Reach-out-and-touch-someone-Tooth-fairy-1979-750x998It’s been 18 days since my last blog post. I think that’s a record, and I’m sorry dear readers. It’s time for me to follow Ma Bell’s advice and reach out. Reach out and touch someone. Earlier in the week I was flashing back to 1979 and my first Sunday afternoon at James’ house. We were riding his mini bike in a cow pasture and talking in goofy cartoon voices. His mom made roast beef and potatoes, and later we listened to the Doors’ long version of Light My Fire in his room. We were just 13. He’s a grandfather now. A couple of days ago my mom sent a text. She was reaching out. I reached back the next day but her ringer was turned down. I’ll try again this weekend.

2 Responses to Time To Reach Out Again

  1. You are amazing how you can remember dates, people you were with and what you were doing. I wonder how James is doing now.

    • Details like that are etched into my brain, Mom. I sent James a message and he replied “sometimes it feels like that was just yesterday, and sometimes it feels like it was a long time ago.”

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