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oursandtheirsThere is an old stump of a concrete post about 10 feet away from our house. It barely clears the undergrowth now, but I remember when it was taller. I always wondered if it was the remnant of a hitching post. I asked a neighbor once and he said “yeah, I think so,” but he didn’t seem too sure either so I looked up “hitching posts” online. After seeing a bunch of storefronts for bars I found one that someone posted on Pinterest. It has eight sides and an embedded cable like ours does. If anyone asks, I’m going to say “sure! that’s what’s left of our old hitching post! You can’t tether your horse here anymore, but it can probably knock the blade off your lawnmower!

3 Responses to Pre-Blog Posts Posts

  1. I can’t see the ring on your post.

  2. I think your hitch is behind a couple of leaves near the bottom left, right?

  3. Upon closer inspection, I see some iron curved-like bar near the center on top. I know you’re aware of it ’cause you probably see it every day.

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