Halloween Lives On

thingoramateeWhen I bought this t-shirt online, I didn’t realize how PERFECT it would be for Halloween. The parents of our godchildren asked us over for a social distance visit, chili in the garage, and trick-or-treating in their neighborhood. I’m glad I had something to wear. Up in Nebraska, Jenny’s brother Steve and his wife Diane had an ingenious way to distribute candy to kids…curtishalloweenIt’s amazing what you can do with PVC pipe and crime scene tape. “What’s that you say young lady? Did I hear ‘trick or treat?’ Hold your bag up to the bottom of the pipe and I’ll drop a king sized Snickers bar down the chute for you! Happy Halloween!”

4 Responses to Halloween Lives On

  1. I wish I was as creative as some. I’m still struggling with the Halloween idea!

    • Mom, our goddaughter was dressed like a mummy! Her name is Victoria and she’s in second grade. I told her how you dressed Darla and I up as mummies in California.

  2. I was hobo on one of my 1st haloweens and still dress like one.

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