Kindness Rocks All The Way To Overland Park!

kindnessrockPANDATOPWe went for a walk last Saturday near 103rd and Metcalf and saw this little painted rock by the trail. I threw caution to the wind and picked it up with my bare hands– the clean wipes and hand sanitizer were back in the glove box where we parked Jenny’s car. I turned it over and saw this…kindnessrockPANDABOTTOMWhen I looked up the Facebook group I saw even MORE little rocks!handsandrocksThis is way cooler than the pet rock fad that I remember from the 1970′s. No one is selling these things, they’re just placing them strategically around the metro for people to find. Megan Murphy started The Kindness Rocks Project in 2015.  There’s something earthy and spiritual happening here… especially when you can find a rock like this–PACMAN rock

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  1. There’s your pacman you always liked.

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