Sweet Sixteen

HOMERSmondaywithCHRISTYToday I said “see ya” to my Homer’s Coffeehouse co-workers for the last time as a barista. It’s weird to think that I’m really done pulling shots, steaming milk, playing rainy songs on rainy days, listening to everyone’s stories like a bartender, saying “are you getting your usual?” to a regular, kicking out the trouble makers, consoling the wounded ones, and basically keeping the peace. Jim Mathis hired me in 2004 to work the afternoon shift, and everything that happened during those sixteen years has been a source of comfort and torture… but I guess that’s just the human experience for those of us lucky enough to go through it with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts that wear holes in our sleeves. Homer’s will open without me next Monday, and that’s ok.HOMERStuesdaylastdaywithGLENN

6 Responses to Sweet Sixteen

  1. Son, don’t feel bad, and I know you don’t. I never worked that long at any job . You did a good job and remember, your record always speaks for itself and backs you up. Keep up the good work.

  2. Sorry to hear and glad for you having yhat stability experience. Now what you going to do with time gamer???

    • haha I know what you’re getting at Hoovie, but I haven’t had time to top any high scores… been trying to get the hang of this new job, I don’t wanna jinx it but I think I’m about there!

  3. I was at the Meadows for a total of 25 years,when I left I was ecstatic, left the Manor after 8 years with very mixed emotions.
    Very happy for your new experience, sad for all the “kids” you’ll be leaving behind. You have become an icon for them and Homers.

    • Wellll….”icon” may be a bit strong, but I know I left a mark, Mom! They even saved today’s paper for me in case I wanted to pick it up for the New York Times crossword– and I did!

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