tonyandmeWow! A whole lot has happened in to the last 10 days! A new job, transitioning out of my old jobs, dogs and cats living together… MASS HYSTERIA! Ok, ok, that last part is from Ghostbusters, but it could also apply to our neighbor Barb who has an old dog (Daphne) getting used to the new cat (Slash). Anyway all of these changes feel like 92 sardines trying to fit into a can that only hold 58! I just have to be patient I guess. I’ve talked to a handful of Covid-19 victims on my new job, and gotten their information for the local health department. That picture above is not a Covid-19 patient though, that’s Tony. He’s an old friend from Homer’s who video called me after I bought a headset.

4 Responses to Sardines

  1. Somebody looks happy!:)

  2. Congrats Dave! Would love to hear all about it sometime!

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