When The Fist Meets The Pun

foreman-ali-zaire-ropes-3-crop-paint-4It was a collision of nerdiness and brute force last night. I couldn’t help it. I was cracking up at the puns in the New York Times crossword puzzle. The clue for 16 across: What did the jazz musician do at the big brawl? He came out swinging! 36 across: What did the hairstylist do at the big brawl? He bobbed and weaved! And finally 55 across: What did the king and queen do at the big brawl? They put up their dukes! All these metaphors take me back to a time when my family gathered around the TV to watch Muhammed Ali.nerdybrute

2 Responses to When The Fist Meets The Pun

  1. The thrilla in Manila! Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Eye o’ da Tiga!

  2. Of all time!

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