That Swagger

keepontruckinWhen I think of someone with a “swagger,” two things jump out at me. The one above is from R. Crumb… I know it’s goofy but I dig it. The other one is part of  a promo for an upcoming episode of THE EPILOGUE CABIN. It’s the show with Daniel, a self proclaimed smart ass. Daniel gave me a long overdue apology at our last high school reunion. He remembered one time when we both got paddled in the principal’s office after the teacher told us to be quiet. Daniel kept talking. I honestly had forgotten about it.

4 Responses to That Swagger

  1. So does Daniel have a swagger?
    Jim has always been told by his older family members that he has the same swagger of his grandpa. He never remembers meeting him.

  2. The only time I got paddled was when I pulled Elvira Jimenez’ pigtails in front of me for not lending me a pencil in second grade.

  3. oh yeah Mom. He had one in high school, and he still has it today! It’s more of a mental swagger.

  4. Sorry I can’t help you with 56 down or 59 across. Maybe apod and upi.

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