Movie Night In Westport

pleasemurdermeThe movie was from 1956, but it still packed the house… well, the second floor anyway. Saturday we went to see this movie at a “micro-cinema” with Don & Jennifer, and about a dozen other people at Downbeat Coffee + Tea. It’s an upstairs coffeehouse that can hold about 20 people & features old movies every other weekend during the cold months.

2 Responses to Movie Night In Westport

  1. very cool, keep alive the second floor of any building, coffee is awesome as well..

  2. Nice. Now Abby wants to go see old movies at the Plaza Theatre. All the old stars used to go there, she says. All I remember about it is that it got me grounded for about a month when I stayed to watch Pal Joey and Where the Boys are after the new year’s parade before ’62.

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