Aloha, Johnny!

johnnyalohaI’m nowhere near an ocean, but I swear there was salt in the air and a grass skirt was rustling when I heard Johnny Aloha singing on the Retro Cocktail Hour. Richard Cheese created this hawaiian shirt style persona 9 years ago when he put out an amazing CD of covers that will make you swivel your hips & wonder why someone didn’t do it sooner. I heard his version of Cruel Summer on the Retro Cocktail Hour, and it went downhill (like lava) from there. You can check out that track and others on his bandcamp page. Also, if you like the cool retro art above, it was on the original CD cover– which is out of print BUT there’s more to see on

3 Responses to Aloha, Johnny!

  1. Sounds and looks like the Hawaiian version of ‘Waistin’ away again in Margaritaville’. He’s got a real good voice, though. Sounds like Elvis.

  2. Darla and family could more easily identify with
    Hawaiian music tonight in Clearwater, FL.
    Waiting for second posting of Epilogue Cabin.

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